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CORAL SW-10 Active Subwoofer

The CORAL series dedicated powered subwoofer thanks to very rigid cabinet construction and powerful, high-current amplifier driving the Taga High Amplitude Woofer is a great complement to a pair of stereo speakers or as part of Home Theatre system.


The Coral series elegant simplicity and quality bring you closer to the sound of the original recording – we have used our passion and love for music making you happier while listening!


TLIE – Taga Low Interference Enclosures are made of high-quality 25mm thick MDF boards with inside braces to increase stiffness and limit any unwanted resonances. The shapes are perfectly crafted not only to look wonderful and modern but mainly to lower any unwanted vibrations, diffractions or turbulences, which can affect the sound performance. Acoustical damping material used inside cabinets eliminates problem of internal standing waves and bass-reflex port is uniquely designed to reduce distortions to minimum.


THAW - Taga High Amplitude Woofer offers extended cone excursion, which results in increased speed and range. Bass is fast, strong, low and dynamic.


THCA - Taga High Current Amplifier offers huge amounts of raw power, and oversized, high-performance heatsink quickly dissipates generated heat, increasing efficiency and range of amplifier. 



HIGH GLOSS - Minimum 7 layers of paint (reinforced) plus 1 layer of the base coat.

WOOD VENEERS - Minimum 3 layers of paint (reinforced) plus 1 layer of the base coat.



  • Auto on/Standby
  • Subwoofer Level
  • Subwoofer Cut-Off Frequency (30Hz-200Hz variable)
  • Phase Switch (variable 0° to 180°)


  • Line-level Input
  • High-level Input





Bassreflex subwoofer, auto on/off,

25mm thick MDF TLIE cabinet

Bass Driver: 255mm (10”) Φ140 magnet, paper cone, THAW
Frequency Response: 20Hz-200Hz
Amplifier Power: 200W RMS / 700W Dynamic Peak, THCA
Dimensions (H x W x D): 43 x 35 x 41 cm (incl. feet)
Weight (net): 23.6kg pc.

Real wood veneers
WALNUT veneer [Clear Matt]

Paint colors






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