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TAVC-SY High-Performance OFC Subwoofer Y Cable

The TAVC-SY series cables utilize special “Y” design for connecting the left and right active subwoofer inputs for increased clarity and bass response (higher gain). 


Ultra-high purity OFC conductors and high-grade gold-plated RCA connectors make your active subwoofer to sound much better. Thanks to enhanced shielding (FEP insulation, aluminum tape and PVC jacket) the signal is insulated from distortions and leaks.


Now your bass will be stronger, deeper and more dynamic!  


Available lengths: 3m (light gray), 5m (dark gray)



Y type

Ultra-high purity 0.8mm [22AWG] 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper conductors,

Precision machined, low-profile RCA connectors with gold-plated contacts

2-level shielding: braided 99.99% Oxygen Free Copper and aluminum

FPE - low friction and non-reactivity extra flexible insulation for conductors

Low friction, easy-to-pull outer PVC jacket




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