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Diamond B-60 Bookshelf Speaker


The Diamonds are a Music Lover’s Best Friend!


After a tremendous success of the Diamond F-200 floorstanding speakers TAGA Harmony made a decision to expand the Diamond series with flagship bookshelf loudspeakers.

The Diamond B-60 is an exceptional bookshelf speaker showcasing the best technology and achievements of TAGA Harmony. 
The result is visible at the first glance on the beautifully crafted cabinet with its curved, clear, elegant lines and luxurious design accentuated with high grade natural wood veneers finished with high-end clear gloss piano lacquer.

When you turn on the speakers you are immediately stunned by the exceptional Diamond B-60  sound - super natural, super dynamic, super clear and engaging... just super!
Taste it, Immerse in it, Love it!

Why is TAGA Harmony DIAMOND probably the best in the World?

CARAT almost 27 kg weight of a pair.

Very rigid, resonance-free cabinets!

COLOR exceptional, glittering African real wood veneers. Simply charming!

CLARITY perfectly pure, transparent and natural sound!

CUT splendidly shaped enclosures with ideal proportions.

POLISH super glossy piano lacquer, jewelry at your



The best hifi loudspeakers in Germany - yearbook 2018!

BEST of HiFi Test 2018 by “HiFi Test”, a German reputable audio magazine 



"You fall in love with their appearance at first glance: rounded shapes, narrower on the rear, we have already seen them in other brands, but they have a certain originality here and the finish of the lacquer is simply extraordinary for the price…


They are also very easy to use, because these speakers are just as honest in their specs as in the price: those 90 dB are very real and the impedance doesn't represent any of so much accused slope falls because I have been able to enjoy them with "any" amplification without any problem…


A loudspeaker which aesthetics was admired by everyone who saw it, is still quite discreet in size and shape, and sounds as it should without much effort on our part. Neither you need to spend the hours placing them or going crazy measuring all distances to the millimeter: you place them and they immediately sound almost in one hundred percent. And these "one hundred percent" are very good, a lot, there are not many bookshelf speakers below 6.000 euros -and I do not exaggerate here- to compete with them, if there are any at all.


A great timbre, good details and transparency, no harshness on the top, not a single noteout-of-tune in the bass. Go with the Poles and their "hobbies for acronyms" ... The Diamond B-60s are not only a recommended listening, but a mandatory one."

The Taga Diamond B-60 is a stunningly beautiful speaker that delivers sound which match its beautiful look. But it is also a very direct sounding speaker, which gives a lot of fun in relation to which equipment it is paired with. And the speakers really liked the amplifier setup in our listening room, with the amp which costs almost four times more than them, so you can easily aim for front end equipment, far above the price point of the B-60.


It is also important that the signal source is completely free from distortions and artifacts, otherwise it will be mercilessly revealed. But if your your system is in the right league, you are rewarded with a great quality of sound. And I did not listen to single tracks from vinyl records during this test ... I listened the entire records to the end, and that does not happen every time when the equipment is under review!

The Taga Diamond B-60s provide a lot of technology and joy for the money, and it would be obvious with the "Best Buy" award which they were very close to get. But, on the other hand, they are a little too "selective" in terms of composition - and the price of - additional equipment, and that makes them a little special. But it does not alter the statement that you get a lot for the money here!”

"I don’t like to push beyond my comfort levels or the listening rooms abilities and the B60 could fill a much bigger space if necessary. I love tight clean bass that is precise and deplore overblown boom.
The B60 worked very well showing that the bass unit is well thought out and bass players like Marcus Miller and Tony Levin could really groove with their slapped bass style.
On albums with real heft such as the Gladiator sound track the orchestra coming in and the tympani were most striking in impact for the speaker’s size. Control is the key here. The mid band faired equally on my beloved female vocalists like Alison Krauss, Alison Moyet and Anita Baker. Each singer’s tonal characteristics shone through whether it was the lower range or soaring highs.
Listening fatigue was never an issue and the treble was sweet and clean with good extension reaching up to 33 kHz. So only dogs and bats might hear that but it does make a difference to the timbre and ambience I feel.

Bob James and Fourplay are popular artists on my regular playlist and their sheer ability as jazz musicians is staggering. I saw them recently in London and was bowled over by their talent and humility as musicians. Here are four guys at the top of their game still performing after 25 years together. Bob James is to me a genius on keyboards along with Nathan East on bass, Harvey Mason on drums and Chuck Loeb on guitar. As funky smooth jazz musicians, they are the real deal. Cinnamon Sugar and Between the sheets are just two tracks that really show their talents. It’s the interplay between each musician and the confidence with which they play together like a well-oiled machine. My foot was really tapping along to these tunes on the B60’s. My previous comments on the B60’s abilities highlighted these musician’s skill and the absolute ease and flow was spot on of their timing and interplay with each other.

The B60’s may not be the most holographic speakers I have heard but they make a good fist at it. Top to bottom is seamless with good bass down to a reasonable 36Hz. A great design which doesn’t try to get out of its comfort zone. TAGA do it again with maximum value for the money. The B60 will work with equipment at a much higher price level than some might partner them with. You can push the envelope with expensive kit but with a smaller budget they still deliver. In a £5000 system, they shine like a diamond."

Build Quality: Great finish and a luxurious feeling loudspeaker
Sound Quality:  Open and detailed and seamless integration from highs to lows. Not as three dimensional as the best.
Value for Money:  Great value for money.
Pros: Great sound from a beautifully built speaker. Excellent jumper links included.
Cons: None really but use decent stands. They will show up poor sources and amps so match wisely and use good cables.


Sound performance

…Placed on the speaker stands with a distance of more than one meter to the back wall, the Taga Diamond B-60 makes a powerful impression from the first beat of music. Our first thought: this is an absolutely complete loudspeaker, that has everything and with which the search for the dream loudspeaker can be confidently checked off. The B-60es play in a light-footed way, with lots of drive and tremendous emotion. They are perfectly matched in the best sense of the word, completely neutral and urging not to turn the music off. The TAGAs can easily extract musical subtleties. No details are concealed, but also not superficially placed on the stage. The timing is very successful, exceptionally harmonious and totally sympathetic. The loudspeaker squeezes low frequencies into the room, when required it rocks like a devil. The spatial reproduction is excellent, with splendid ability to locate the performers and great illumination of the stage.”



TAGA offers compact Diamond B-60 loudspeakers which are excellently crafted, finely designed and with the best technical components. In terms of sound, the speakers represent a great class and given the purchase price that is more than fair, they have earned our HIGHLIGHT award in a honest way.




 BEST BUY 03-2017

When we begin to listen to the Diamond B-60, an expression "natural sound” immediately comes to our mind.
Responsible for that are the leveled tonal balance and sonic specificity of the cellulose cone, which especially makes its mark on the character of the midrange frequency.
The B-60 belong to the speaker type which only slightly colorize the sound and therefore allow to listen to various genres of music without a clear interference in their nature…

The violin or cello sounds correctly, neutrally, precisely and freely, without a pressure and compression. The tone is neutral - nothing gets too warm or chilled.

The instruments have their natural tone and they sound in a malleable way. That is the classical music in which the B-60 feel comfortable, what will be appreciated by connoisseurs of this type of music, who greatly acknowledge the accuracy of sound. Listening to the B-60 with larger instrumental ensembles, one gets the impression that their greatest feature is the mapping of the location of individual virtual sources…
Interestingly, the B-60 do not do anything by force…”

“The sound scene is well developed, has the right depth and width, but you can hear that the first plan is treated as a priority.
It's not about pushing it out in front of the base line, which is right, but about expressing it in the most palpable way, substantive and direct, such "here and now."…

Surprisingly, the Taga Harmony Diamond B-60's monitors sound in a crystal clear way. At its price and with such a way of playing it is not frequent. The designers have succeeded in a very difficult connection. The TAGAs sound in a very sonorous way, the individual tunes do not hide behind a curtain, nothing blurs their image, the message is always readable. And this applies to the whole frequency range, no matter what kind of character the bass, mids and highs have…

Well, how about the tonal balance of the Taga Harmony Diamond B-60 speakers?


First of all, it is coherent, the frequency ranges connect smoothly with each other, they have similar character and none of them - well, maybe slightly the  bass – is popping out in front of the orchestra. The top of the range is vibrant, shiny, yet very saturated and rich. Yes, yes, the sopranos can also be more or less saturated with low frequency components. These in the flagship TAGA's monitors have  the best resolution, they are loose, accurate but at the same time have their weight. It's great to hear the moment of the attack and the hit of the drumstick on the cymbals. And the speakers greatly show differences in material such as wood, drum brush or metal….

The high tones are both open and shiny. You do not feel any limitations in them. At the same time their tuning is very accurate, nothing is missing, on the other hand they do not pop up in front of the first plan. Though they are clean and appropriately sonorous, they do not take your attention away from the midrange, that is the most important frequency range….

The midrange has a similar character as high tones: it is warm, and physiologically very saturated. And it's not about a simple accent and exposure of the lower parts of this range, but about the saturation in the lower registers of the whole midrange, up  to the moment when it connects with the sopranos. This causes, for example, that acoustic guitars or violins sound in a full, very rich way. It is the same with the human voices…

Bass? Yes, there is a bass, and there's a lot of it. Sometimes the TAGA speakers provide it more than some 2-way floorstanding loudspeakers...”


The Taga Harmony Diamond B-60 are splendidly built and sensationally looking mid-size monitors. They play a large, extensive and melodious sound with the scale that makes an impression. The sound is clear and transparent, very tangible and drawn on the first plan… You can simply greatly enjoy listening music with them.”

More details about the Diamond B-60 in our Technology section:


TechnologyView technology



Design: Bookshelf, 2-way, 2 drivers,
Bi-wiring, Bi-amping,
Rear bassreflex,
18 mm MDF S-TLIE enclosure
Crossover point 2.4kHz
High-Frequency Driver:

30mm (1.18”)

Bass-Midrange Driver: 165mm (6.5") TNPPCD
Recommended Amplifier Power: 50-200W
Frequency Response: 36Hz-33kHz (+/- 3dB)
Impedance: 6ohm
Sensitivity: 90dB
Dimensions (H x W x D): 41 x 23 x 33.5 cm
Weight (net): 26.6 kg pair

Real wood veneers
AFRICAN WALNUT veneer [Clear Gloss]
ROSEWOOD veneer [Clear Gloss]





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