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TAGA Harmony Volume Regulators are devices which are an efficient, cost-effective way of controlling audio volume in a sound zone (room). They can be even used as a very easy method to build a simple multi-room sound system.


Key Features


  1. The impedance matching : operation with a combination of speakers with different nominal impedance (4,8 and 16 Ohm).
  2. Easy and quick adjustment of working impedance via jumper settings.
  3. 12-step volume regulation both for rotary and slider type volume potentiometers.
  4. Full range frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz(+0/-2db) at rated power.
  5. Removable (selected models) pin cable wire terminal connectors, accepting up to 14 AWG speaker cables.
  6. Independent grounding for use with any amplifier.
  7. Fits most plastic electrical junction boxes.
  8. Decora® style faceplate included.







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