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Platinum SE - Special Edition

Superior Performance Beyond Expectations!


The award-winning and highly acclaimed Platinum v.2 series  is the progenitor of our flagship Special Edition SE series. But the main similarities between the SE series and the Platinum series are only the shapes of the enclosures.


The high class finishes along with all the components and technology either totally new or deeply revised. 


The TLIE (Taga Low Interference Enclosure) enclosures  in a beautiful natural rosewood wood veneer with a choice of clear gloss or clear matt piano lacquer finishes, or in high class real piano  (deep black and snowy white) are extremely rigid.


The floorstanding models sit on a new high-end, beautiful plinth.


The bassreflex ports and TTP (Taga Top Plate) are now rubber coated for more luxurious look and to provide even better effect on sound performance.


The SE series uses exceptional high-end binding posts, top class crossovers and dedicated internal wiring for more natural sound.


The revised second generation TPTTD-I (Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome) now uses neodymium magnet for higher efficiency and more precise and extended high-frequency response. The totally new TPAF (Taga Pure Aluminum Faceplate) helps in further dispersion of high-frequencies.


The upgraded TPACD-I (Taga Pure Aluminum Cone Driver) utilizes bigger magnet structure to support more realistic soundfield. Center speaker has 3-way design with new 3” TPACD driver.


The new TWCD (Taga Woolen Cone Driver) delivers extremely deep, articulate bass with superior timing and pitch.



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Platinum SE showcases all the qualities of dedication and love of music, groundbreaking developments in speaker design and technology which have  inspired TAGA's designers and engineers.









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