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Our Home Theatre 5.1 packs combine compact sized satellites and a center speaker with a choice of high-power active subwoofers.


They are dedicated to those fans of high-end sound who wish their systems physically “disappear” in a room. Thanks to compact dimensions our systems allow easy placement and hiding speakers around a room. Surely the sound will not be hidden – you and your neighbors would be able to hear and feel it! 

Your room will change into a cinema or a concert hall surrounding you with spacious, crisp clear and accurate sound with deep and impressive low tones and striking dynamics.


Our HT systems can be connected to an AV amplifier or a receiver or directly to a TV set with a built-in surround amplifier.


They are compact, elegant, powerful and affordable. Available in eye-catching modern finishes seem to be the deal of the century!

Stylish and compact yet powerful audio systems crafted to fit any room and bring you plenty of joy!

inMOVE 5.0 Video Presentation


inMOVE 8 subwoofer Video Presentation


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