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“Stereo i Kolorowo – Underground” on-line magazine just published a fantastic review and recommendation for TAGA Harmony Azure OW-80 LCRS and Platinum SW-10 v.2 set.


Listening impressions

…Two OW-80 speakers provide properly powerful and spontaneous sound, and at the same time it is surprisingly harmonious and balanced. Yes, there are no hurricane blasts, or subsonic thunders, but the overall sound is strong, direct and natural. This message is malleable, vivid and saturated, but also has the optimal resolution (as for this class of speakers), as well as is sharp and colorful.
Therefore the listening impression is not only tonal saturation but simply pleasant and attractive. Not tiring for your ears. They do not go to any extremes – they are balanced, clean and punctual. Another thing worth to mention is that the speakers easily fill the room of 30 m2 (living room) with a juicy and clear sound. The sound is always precise, pure and euphonic…

… matching of the Platinum SW-10 v.2 bass sound to the Azure OW-80 LCRS speakers is so natural, full and trouble-free that it is hard not to name it as of the first-class or fantastic. It looks like a synergical dialogue and a coherent understanding of the two sound worlds – rich and deep midrange supported by bright highs with a powerful, large and extensive bass.
It should be noted that  the low sounds generated by the SW-10 v.2 are not only very expanded and full but also structural and vivid. They are thundering and simultaneously have a good resolution and exceptionally low distortions(!)…Even loud bass shots do not cause any turbulences in the sound - yes, you can feel a strong blow, but it is properly channeled in its structure and decomposed in the space.”

“This set is not intended for mannered and sophisticated audiophiles, but for demanding music lovers and moviegoers who want to hear the full, spacious, malleable and lively sound from the TV plugged to an external amplifier. The additional value of the Taga Harmony set is its versatility (easy selection of Azure OW-80 LCRS and its vertical or horizontal positioning), as well as high aesthetics and modern "invisible" design. Recommendation!




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