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HTA-2000B v.2

Smoothness, sweetness and warmth

The sound is quick, agile and selective especially in the micro range, but it can also be heard when it comes to powerful accumulation of voices, not only in the midranges, but also in the low range.

Taga Harmony offers a well-arranged sound with great dynamics potential, but at the same time, you can feel as if it is equally keen on the culture of playback - while listening to some dynamic tracks of German synthpop group De/Vision  it was heard that the HTA-2000B v. 2 liked to have everything under control.
But on the other hand, the signal delivered from the source is trying to turn itself into an adequate amount of watts without excessive nervousness, which gives a sense that the amplifier is in control over each and every impulse directed to the loudspeakers

In general, the sound of the HTA-2000B v.2 can be enjoyed by tube lovers, though I must admit that this is not a typical warm, soft message. Yes, there is fantastic plasticity and rich timbre, but there is no overheating of the partial tones - the music from the loudspeaker has vacuum tube taste and aesthetics, but the muscular transistor outputs are also showing their strength and it is them which really create the final effect. And it is very promising, especially for vocal lovers...

This amplifier has enchanted me with its openness in the midrange frequencies and with its sophisticated timbre to such an extent that in a blind test I could have been easily tricked that I was dealing with a few times more expensive amplification. Taga Harmony handles the vocals in an elegant way, which I experienced while listening to my favorite Freddy Cole's album - the vocal of the artist was complemented by many characteristic elements for this type of voice. And this combined with the sharply defined virtual sources on the stage increased the perception of music…

I would classify the tested amplifier to a group of amps capable to satisfy wider audience who need high quality sound and who appreciate functionality but also exceptional sound and performance, which make that the amp can easily work with different speakers.”






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