HTA-2000B v.2 "Midrange, vocals, saxophone"

wstereo.pl” an on-line magazine published a very rave review of our hybrid amplifier HTA-2000B v.2 

Midrange, vocals, saxophone

.... a stereotypical tube amp sounds in a warm, dense, gentle, relaxing and "musical" way. And that's exactly how we can define Taga Harmony, you do not have to spend long on listening - it immediately reveals its character. So it is a device with a clearly marked character...

Taga is for those who want to listen to music with pleasure, who want to relax with it - although not without emotions, who long to enjoy their favorite music reproduced in a smooth and tangible way….

We immediately pay attention to fullness of the sound and its warmth. It is very friendly sound reproduction, in which there is neither a bit of sharpness, harshness or hardness. Taga will never be irritating us, nothing will sting or hurt. This is due to the tonal balance, resolution and a way of presenting details.

Taga Harmony HTA 2000B v.2 is an amplifier with a clear sound aspect, directed to the recipient who has a clearly defined pattern of favorite sound. Taga plays in a thick, warm, tangible way. We will never find any sharpness, nervousness or dryness in its sound. The sound is saturated, rich, physiological. The highs are slightly recessed, the midrange perfectly reflects the vocals and wind instruments, the bass - maybe not the fastest - gives a great foundation. The amplifier is not afraid of any repertory and will drive most of the speakers. It is important that this device is very well equipped - it has a really good digital-to-analogue converter, phono preamplifier, headphone output and the possibility of wireless Bluetooth transmission on board. There is also a Loudness filter that works quite decently and smoothly adjusts bass and treble….