Our system in Munich

SoundsClever is an initiative of the High End Society (an organizer of the High End show in Munich, Germany) which distinguishes complete audio systems that offer first-class sound performance for less than 5000 Euro.

Our complete system (worth of 3591 Euro) was one of 18th systems marked with the SoundsClever logo at the 2019 High End show!

It’s been an honor for us!

System components:
TAGA Harmony HTA-1200 hybrid amplifier
TAGA Harmony DA-300 v.3 USB DAC
TAGA Harmony Platinum B-40 v.3 bookshelf speakers
TAGA Harmony TSS-66 v.2 speaker stands
TAGA Harmony PF-1000 power filter
TAGA Harmony Azure-12-2C speaker cable
TAGA Harmony TRI-100 RCA interconnect
XLO UP4U-2M USB A-B cable
MEGA ACOUSTIC Architected Sound OptiDi Acoustic Diffuser [Acoustic treatment]