TAGA Harmony

HTA-2500B - Congrats for such a successful design

Our flagship HTA-2500B amplifier in a great review by AudioMuzoFans:

The sound clearly embraces the features of both technologies which the amplifier was built on. Even more. Both technologies complement with each other perfectly, creating a very coherent overall product. The tubes used in the preamplifier add character known from tube designs. They delicately smooth the edge of the frequency ranges, add subtlety, finesse and malleability to the timbre. The power of the transistor is emphasized by the lower registers.
The bass reproduced by the HTA-2500B is almost tremendous, powerful, perfectly controlled, low-extended but not dominant. The midrange is saturated and airy at the same time. The spectacular resolution in this frequency range makes the separation of instruments and musicians is definitely noticeable and we will be able to name every sounding instrument without any problem. In the upper band there is no way that anything could sting us in the ears. The top is slightly subdued and sweetened, but its resolution and precision makes me feel no any deficiencies in this range.
The amplifier reproduces a wide stage that extends far beyond the speaker line. The stage is presented in depth, but it can also go far ahead of the speaker line creating an extremely tangible, realistic and real message. This is particularly audible with vocals that can create the illusion of direct nearness or intimacy…

My congratulations to  the TAGA Harmony brand for such a successful design. It undoubtedly deserves a title of the flagship model among their amplifiers. The HTA-2500B can boldly compete with devices in this price range and maybe even higher.