"Best Buy" in its class

"Stereo i Kolorowo" reviewed our flagship HTA-2500B hybrid amplifier:

After connecting the speakers to the HTA-2500B and of course after starting the device, a substantial, very clear and powerful sound with a spectacular space and a distinctive tonal timbre immediately reaches the listener’s ears. However, although the sound is huge and powerful, it is fully arranged and harmonious and most importantly super-pleasant in reception. It does not hit us blindly with a rough message, but seduces us in a natural and malleable way with a sublime elegance. Sophisticated timbre…

It's a highly saturated and very rich sound, fresh and easily absorbed at the same time. Healthy. Well-designed what makes it genuine in its structure and sophisticated in details. Taga Harmony has built a really great amplifier!

…HTA-2500B plays mainly with dense midrange and with a very extended bass (although the sopranos are good here too!). In the midrange, our attention is paid not only to its organic saturation, good resolution or concentration of harmonics, but also to a certain type of warmth. However, this is not a simple warming (which can be found in hybrid amps) but a kind of warming up of tones mainly at their final stage of life. In other words. When beginning and center of their existence are fast and intense after being powered by transistors, their "tails" are treated with the heat of electron tubes. It brings a result of a sound  which is aggressive and rich in texture in the midrange but pleasantly smooth. Something so physiologically sticky and tangible - like heated and slightly melted consistency of previously frozen fruity jam (but the one with more fruit than sugar).

A separate paragraph should be devoted to the low frequencies because they are definitely of a good quality. The Taga Harmony device basically produces not bass, but "BASS". It shoots a powerful quantum of energy - it has momentum, long range and first-rate speed. You can even compare this bass to the subwoofer. It is meaty, alive, flexible and heavy. Besides it can go really low. At the same time it is precisely controlled, soaked with deep texture, as well as consistent like a vulcanized rubber. This is an active, versatile and diverse bass - it naturally combines the element of dynamics and energy with the positive emotions and subtleties necessary to express acoustic micro-vibrations of strings or tubes of various instruments. The bass control and its quality are without any doubt exemplary and of the first league.

The new Taga Harmony HTA-2500B hybrid amplifier is a real bargain - simply "Best Buy" in its class. It has a muscular high-quality sound. It combines energy, vividness and heat with an advanced, though slightly soft timbre as well as organic tonal softening. Seamlessly, because it will easily and pleasantly play with the majority of "regular" speakers. It is equipped with a DAC and Bluetooth connectivity. What more could you want? Recommendation for Taga Harmony!