TAGA Harmony


"AUDIO Video" says about our flagship hybrid amplifier HTA-2500B:

Charming with warmth

... the tested integrated amp has some advantages specific to tube constructions and expected by tube enthusiasts. The midrange is the most important in the sound... Vocals, especially female, are presented nicely and in a subjective way, naturally... The voices have a definitely warm timbre and a kind of gentleness ... When you listen to them in solo they are quite tangible, undoubtedly pleasant, quite clearly cut from the background. They seem to be beautifully suspended in a fairly dense space, which is the second thing which the HTA-2500B can interest the listener in...
TAGA shows large instruments in a very good way and can play monumentally.
The amplifier also impresses with the width of the stage, which freely goes beyond the base of the speakers and can even surround the listener from the sides.