TAGA Harmony


A rave review and RECOMMENDATION for our TPC-TS power cords by the “Stereo i Kolorowo” magazine.

Listening impressions

… I tested TAGA Harmony cables with hi-fi audio equipment from the high-middle level and that is despite the budget price of these cables… Expensive devices combined with less expensive ones (and vice versa) often sound very good, if not great. It was the case in the current test as well. Especially that the tested TPS-TS cords are perfectly made of high quality materials.

The first thing you can feel is that the cables have very neutral sound characteristics, and this a very good impression of them. They do not tone, do not blur nor hide anything and at the same time they do not have a tendency to unpleasant sharpening, attack or aggressiveness. When listening, the sound was always natural in the sense of indifference to coloration; it was fully revealed, because it was not limited in timbre or dynamics (energy of playing). It can be written that TAGA Harmony harmonizes the message without causing losses on the mass and the structure of the sound, but at the same time opens it to the outside, resulting in better imaging of details, deepening the substance of the sound and creating a kind of "spatialization" of the whole sound horizon.

Importantly, the new TPC-TS have a good impact on the timbre of the message. Not that they change it, because it is physically impossible but that they "clean" it of artifacts, thus allowing it to appear more fully. To show up on a larger scale. To specify it in time and space in more detail. To align it with the background, set on a rhythm, outline in a holistic picture the tangibility and physicality of the sound. The timbre here is rather light, but at the same time vivid and clear. Engaged in the sound. Broad and deep.

TAGA Harmony TPC-TS-2m power cables are inexpensive and good cables. Exemplary made of high quality materials - aesthetically and fairly. They have an obvious, because beneficial, effect on devices they power. They improve the overall musical image by cleaning it of artifacts, increase the depth and saturation of the sound, have a practical impact on the disclosure of instrument timbre. They bring the most good when applied in parallel to the whole hi-fi audio system, which is not financially difficult – three pieces of TPC-TS with a length of 1 meter cost 800 PLN. Unbelievable? and yet! Recommendation!