TAGA Harmony


BEST BUY for our flagship floorstanding loudspeakers from the Slim series Platinum F-90 SL v.2 by “Hi-Fi Choice”.

Impressively and in detail
... The F-90 SL v.2 offers a direct sound, rich in the treble and in the upper range of midrange which means that the tonal balance is slightly shifted up. The treble reproduced by a titanium dome has a lot of energy but I have to admit that this range also charms with its purity of sound and a very good resolution, thanks to which a listener can extract even microscopic details form the music without straining the hearing. Mike Oldfield's "Return to Ommadawn" album sounded fresh, detailed and energetic on the slim TAGA Harmony speakers ...
TAGA Harmony speakers are susceptible to any changes in electronics and this indicates their class.

TAGA Harmony F-90 SL in its next version (v.2) shows progress in the presentation of the sound especially in terms of much greater precision in reproducing dynamics but also in the construction of the stereophony. Thanks to a more refined crossover consisting of high quality components  but also distinctively better drivers, the new TAGA Harmony speakers from the Slim family gained on sound quality which was a priority when creating a new version of these popular speakers.