TAGA Harmony


Our TPC power cord awarded with 5 stars and best buy by "hificlass"!

... I was pleasantly surprised by the new TAGA Harmony product. I did not expect that after hooking it up such affordable power cord I would hear its influence on the sound quality...

To my great surprise, after connecting the tested cable, the sound became more vivid, airy, but above all got a solid kick in the bass!

What changes in the sound of the system can we expect from the TAGA Harmony's budget TPC-TS-2m power cord? First of all, noticeable changes in the bass range. This will be more audible when powering amplifiers rather than players, which is mainly due to their higher power demand. In such conditions, the TPC-TS-2m will not cause the bottleneck effect in the system nor it will create bigger barriers in terms of impedance in the supply path. Anyway, whatever device we power via the TPC-TS-2m, we can be sure that it will fulfill its role well.

From its design perspective, this inexpensive power cord impresses with an extensive shielding system (the standard copper braid is also supported by a sealed aluminum foil shield), as well as good materials from which the conductors are made, which guarantees the robust power path, as well as the possibility of using this cord in mixed configurations with other cables and power strips.