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HTA-700B v.3 AWARDED!!

"hificlass" grants "BEST BUY" award and 5 stars to our HTA-700B v.3 amplifier!

Strong player
... HTA-700B v.3 surprised me in a nice way with its big heart to play with almost any music material ... ... During the test I decided to configure the amp with both the System Audio SA saxo 40 speakers and larger Chora 816 floor speakers from the French Focal. I found no problems with the bass sound in both configurations. It did not stretch out indefinitely, nor did it suffer from excessive compression or boost in the upper parts, which is a symptom that the amplifier fails to fully drive loudspeakers.
... to my surprise, the HTA-700B v.3 bravely endured the hardships of playing music requiring a slightly better technique and focus on detail from the amplifier ...
HTA-700B v.3, in the context of its price, has a beautiful, slightly warm, smoothed timbre, which is thanks to the double triodes working in the input stage. This in turn shows up in the gentleness of rendering high tones, but on the other hand the midrange definitely gets blushes. In general, the midrange is a strong point of this amplifier, just like the bass. The midrange is rendered in a light, absorbable way and quite clearly, without a hint of aggression, which translates into attractive-sounding vocals ...
In the bass range, in addition to the good control, and even better compared to the older model, there is also a nice tube timbre.

Solid construction, easy and pleasant to use. Sound with a tube note and subtle warmth combined with the efficiency of transistors with decent control and timing. Attractive value for money.