TAGA Harmony


Fantastic review, RECOMMENDATION and 5 stars for our HTA-1200 amplifier in “AUDIO Video” (10-2020).

High output power, many features, excellent sound and use of tubes in the signal path - these are the undeniable advantages of this interesting design.


What is the most interesting, in many aspects the tested HTA-1200 amplifier sounds more interesting, and maybe even better than an average budget tube amplifier.
Someone may ask: how is that? First, we have a much higher power at our disposal (absolutely out of reach and beyond technical capabilities of affordable tube amplifiers), better detail of the presentation (no silting, which is typical for cheap push-pull constructions based on popular smaller-power pentodes) and lots of dynamics.
Secondly, the tube-transistor combination never adds up the characteristics of the two but it is rather a synergistic result that can be modeled in a fairly wide range for instance by changing tubes or adjusting the current of rest in the power amp. Fortunately these  are not necessary in case of TAGA. The buyer gets the sound characteristic which is enough well-thought. The timbre and temperament of the sound are the key factors here, which are completely inaccessible to purely solid state designs. The HTA-1200 sounds in a rich way, while maintaining a solid base….
The phono input (MM) is very good not only in terms of its design, but above all the sound…
If the turntable is one of the equal sources in our system, and we do not want to use too many "boxes", then the HTA-1200 with its phono input can be a target solution.

At this price, it is impossible to find such a well-equipped and well-made amplifier and besides the one which utilizes vacuum tubes. TAGA's sound is a very nice free add-on which is worth trying. Great value for money.