TAGA Harmony

HTA-700B v.3-USB : little crazy hybrid amp

“AudioMuzoFans” an on-line magazine published a rave review of our HTA-700B v.3 USB hybrid amplifier.

After connecting the turntable, I started to wonder for a moment if I really hooked up a hybrid from TAGA Harmony. Yes, it was TAGA playing - the midrange was really well-filled, melodic with the correct air. The high frequencies were both clear and not too much brightened, which gave a pleasant feeling of connection with the analog.

Dave Valentin - an American jazz flautist from a vinyl released by the famous GRP record label, filled the entire room. The sound was pleasant without irritating sharp peaks.

The next album was "Little Prince" by Marek Bilinski - it has just been released on vinyl; our portal (AudioMuzoFans as a Facebook group) established media patronage over the publishing. The sounds from the speakers, called by my children “out of this world” :)
 which is close to the truth, spread throughout the room, which proves that this little TAGA plays with the full stage….

Now we continue with the changes - it's time for the CD. I listened to a few albums - the conclusions are similar to those in the case of a turntable - focus on the midrange with a pleasant sound of the treble and not overextended bass.
Although I have one thought - it is fine with the CD, but believe me - the TAGA Harmony HTA-700B v.3 is an ideal companion for a turntable.

Because the tested TAGA has so many options for source connections, you have to use them, so I connect my laptop via a USB and use my digital music file library, although I have to admit it is the least liked source by me… The sound is filled up in the midrange with no sharpness in the treble with a smooth and melodic timbre…

I play them (my children) happy YouTube music by connecting the TV to the optical input. So, a disco at home and children's songs - TAGA, although small in size, has a lot of power - the walls were trembling and the neighbors had to play with them, whether they wanted to or not.

This is a little crazy amp with good sound - a low price, and the sound quality at a much higher level. And the biggest surprise was the synergy that was revealed with the turntable. It is also important that by applying a small upgrade and replacing the factory tubes with other brands' ones, we can raise the already well-performing TAGA to a level higher.

We can summarize the test in a few words.
There are no competitors for the sparring at this price!!!