TAGA Harmony

Thunder SW-12 tested by "AUDIO"

“AUDIO” magazine published a review of our Thunder SW-12 active subwoofer.

Although TAGA Harmony does not boast about any special subwoofer "technologies", it has built a solid construction, in many aspects even unique in this price range.... the driver looks beautiful, "organoleptically" outclasses renowned American rivals; they also have similar and even more powerful models in their arsenal, but they use them in much more expensive subwoofers... throughout this 2-part review of 12 subwoofers with drivers of different sizes, only the Thunder SW-12 driver utilizes a die-cast chassis while the others tin ones. It also uses the largest magnetic system, consisting of two ferrite rings with a diameter of 15.5 cm; we have not seen an equally large voice coil so far - its diameter is 2.5 inches.

A large and solid cabinet with a beautiful driver – die-cast chassis, powerful magnetic system, thick cellulose cone. The amplifier isolated in its own chamber. The subwoofer based on components of a higher class.