TAGA Harmony

Even better sound

"hificlass" awards our Platinum B-40 v.3 bookshelf speakers with BEST BUY and 5 stars!

The biggest advantage of the tested monitors is their musicality, because regardless which type of music is played, the loudspeakers are capable of infusing each sound with an additional amount of overtones, doing it in such an unpretentious way...

Despite the aluminum cone of the mid-woofer, the sound is even subtly warmed, or at least you can say that when the B-40 v.3 is combined with a tube or a hybrid amplifier.

I tried a very exotic (in terms of class and price of the equipment) combination of these monitors with the Leben CS-300F tube amplifier and the sonics results were very good. The B-40 v.3 also was working very well with the hybrid construction from TAGA Harmony, that is with the newest HTA-1000B amp, which has been launched in the catalog of the producer recently. In this combination, the monitors significantly gained in dynamics, especially in the macro scale. While listening to Mike Oldfield's extremely dynamically realized album "Amarok", I had a lot of fun! The music was pulsing with life, and the sudden volume surges were emphasized as much as if I were dealing with much larger loudspeakers.

The B-40 v.3 can boast a very good phase coherence. Both loudspeakers willingly cooperate with each other, and the point at which they are filtered by the crossover is practically inaudible, even for people with very good hearing. The particularly critical moment in the transition of the sound from the mid-woofer to the tweeter takes place smoothly and without adverse phase shifts, which primarily affects the reproduction of stereo.

The two-channel image is built up with the correct location of the virtual sources and the right dimensions of both the width and depth of the sound stage. Additionally, the stage is saturated and "full of air". On the other hand,  the surprisingly deep bass extension is worth to highlight. In this case, one can easily say that the B-40 v.3 model is one with the lowest reaching bass loudspeakers of this type. In this respect, TAGA Harmony can compete without any complexes even with more expensive monitors from other manufacturers. Moreover, the bass is energetic, as is the mid- and treble range, but also well-defined and controlled. The most important thing, however, is that even if we place the B-40 v.3 in a room of around 20 square meters, the bass will still have enough mass and range to effectively recreate dance music or even jazz.

TAGA Harmony B-40 v.3 monitors may be characterized as an exceptionally good sound quality to the price ratio. In almost all respects, the sound is far superior to the previous versions. These are one of the best sounding speakers from the budget price range that I know. Their sound is vital, open and surprises with great freedom in handling dynamics. They explode with energy and rhythm, delight lovers of open and unrestricted music presentations. In their case, we deal with a surprisingly low-reaching bass.

These two-way monitors will like most amplifiers, including tube amplifiers, even of relatively low power.