TAGA Harmony

HTA-1000B in an awesome review from France!

An outstanding review and 5 stars for our HTA-1000B hybrid amplifier by French “ON MAG” (03-2021).

…powerful and well-balanced hybrid hi-fi amplifier that makes you smiling

…very clean build with sizable components
As we mentioned in the introduction, the build quality of this TAGA Harmony HTA-1000B amp is amazing considering its price. The 8 mm thick aluminum front is perfectly machined. The frame, made of bent sheets of good thickness, is perfectly rigid. The interior is beautifully tidy and well stocked. The cables, few in number, are carefully aligned, only a few remain in battle. There is room for all the components, but without unnecessary vacuum, as we sometimes find on certain audio electronics which claim to be high-end…

At the back, isolated in the left compartment, the toroidal power supply transformer is perhaps the largest that we have ever encountered in a hi-fi amplifier at this price (13 cm in diameter by 8 cm in height).

A little shine, a little roundness ... a hi-fi amplifier full of musical benevolence
With its consistent power, the TAGA Harmony HTA-1000B is capable of powering just about any type of speaker. For example, it showed itself perfectly at ease with our Kelinac Kel 714 Mg which are large loudspeakers equipped with 4 drivers.

Listening to it, the HTA-1000B is not a device that will seek absolute transparency, sharp dynamics, bass to crack the walls. But for its price, it offers a musical restitution that holds up very well and a pure built quality of excellent level. And what is not too typical, it delivers a very homogeneous sound with a good swing. It also has a bit of its own character. Its response curve is slightly physiological, marked with the bass showing nice curves and a wriggling treble, quite clear sometimes, without falling into excess of aggressiveness.
Thanks to that TAGA Harmony HTA-1000B sounds in a natural and balanced way. It does not seem to force itself at all, or try to be too demonstrative or to give in the artificial effects. Its character traits are exerted by small touches, without breaking the coherence of the sound message.

Its stereophonic soundstage is the image of the rest: well set, not too centered on itself, but not exaggerating either in width or in depth. This TAGA Harmony hi-fi amplifier is therefore a pleasure to listen to. It is restful. With the amp, we don't ask ourselves metaphysical questions. It sounds simple and obvious while adding a few colors here and there, giving light and warmth to the timbres.

TAGA Harmony HTA-1000B is a 2 x 105 watt at 8 ohm hybrid (tube and transistor) hi-fi amplifier that gives you a lot for the money. It is powerful, capable of powering a very wide range of loudspeakers. Its design is extremely serious. It has a place in the high-end. It sounds balanced, bright and warm.