TAGA Harmony


“AudioMuzoFans” an on-line magazine recommends our HTA-1000B hybrid amplifier (04-2021).

I have not seen such a properly designed and built amplifier for a long time, well-equipped, with good looks, and most importantly, the sound is of higher quality than you would expect from the price of the product.
If we add high dynamics characteristics and the ability to hook up almost everything that is needed, we get a real HIT.


The dynamics range is really large, the transitions from pianissimo to fortissimo are fast, well accentuated and clear - you can hear it both with the classical music and with the progressive rock.

I consider the dynamics capabilities to be the biggest advantage of this amplifier - here we can turn the volume knob to the right without fear, and the amplifier will not reveal distortions or other impurities, and will allow us to enjoy an almost concert-like level.

I do like the neutrality of TAGA Harmony’s sound, it doesn't really feel that it adds anything special from itself, nor does it lose anything from the musical message, which is not a standard especially in terms of low tones.

The clarity of the sound itself is excellent, apart from a large dose of dynamics, which I have already mentioned, because there is no place for stretched and show-off sound, even in the treble.

The presentation of all kinds of plucked string instruments is very addictive - guitars, banjos sound natural, and female or male vocals are not extended, but smooth and in their place.

The stereophony is correct, no fireworks. Each instrument has its specific place and is also life-size. Both in the width and in depth, everything has its correct place.

The whole sound is very coherent, smooth and clear, it has certain tidiness that can be found in more expensive devices.