TAGA Harmony


Fantastic review, RECOMMENDATION and 5 stars for TAV-607F floorstanding speakers by “AUDIO Video” (05-2021).
The movie dialogues sounded quite correctly, they were not exaggerated but still seemed expressive to me. In the first session I found them sounding friendly and clean. The sound was surprisingly coherent… A designer or the producer responsible for the final effect deserves the praise.

Contrary to appearances, TAGA Harmony are very musical loudspeakers, providing an opportunity to experience a great deal of emotions while listening. It is not only about the large headroom of dynamics or high volume levels that these loudspeakers are able to generate, but also about the fact that their open sound which is  free from manipulations, encourages to long listening sessions. I am used to the sound of incomparably more expensive loudspeakers on a daily basis, and yet I've found features in TAGA Harmony that caught my attention and allowed me to experience my favorite recordings in an emotional way.

TAGA Harmony are fast and dynamic speakers. They can change the volume level very rapidly, following the music signal. They perfectly reflect the sense of the punk music, the essence of which is a fast rhythm... Smooth and fast, and exceptionally, for the price of the set, clean bass urged me to reach for the organ music ... Listening to TAGA Harmony made me shocked and disbelief and sent shivers over my body which I experience only when dealing with live performances. These are probably the most inexpensive loudspeakers that triggered such a reaction!

... in terms of bass precision and speed, many of much more expensive loudspeakers do not achieve equally good results.
The midrange also deserves a high rating - it is very open and lively. The vocals sound quite clean and clear, although sometimes they seem not weighted. Still, they seem quite natural. High tones have a precise, metallic character ... Cymbals can sound strong, with a sparkle, without veiling and softening ... The resolution is another strong point...
However, what is most important in all this is the fact that the treble does not sound separately, as it sometimes happens. It is well integrated with the rest of the bandwidth. The coherence of the sound is another feature that distinguishes TAGA Harmony - the character of the sound from the low to the high frequencies is similar.