TAGA Harmony

TAV-607F Inexpensive and expressive

"wstereo.pl" has tested our TAV-607F floorstanders:

Inexpensive and expressive
Very successful loudspeakers. If someone wants to buy a dynamic, fast set of speakers that gives a lot of fun while listening to music for really little money, then they should place them on the listening list. But these are not all the advantages. TAGA Harmony TAV-607F really impresses with its clarity, purity and tangibility of sound, not only in its price range. It is such a direct, very expressive sound that will not let you get bored. These loudspeakers are eager to play. Tonally quite bright, with a lot of treble, but not exceeding the brightening limit. Clear and neutral midrange and slightly warmed bass. But they amaze us with the consistency of the playback. A bit of limitations in the spaciousness of playing and in color saturation, but at this price it is difficult to find something more attractive.