TAGA Harmony


TAV-607F - our floorstanding loudspeakers from the new generation Audio-Video series, awarded again! "hificlass" magazine awards them with 5 stars and the "Best Buy" award.

Although the TAGA Harmony TAV-607F belongs to the budget price category, it can surprise you with a coherent, harmonious and impressive sound associated with much more expensive and more refined loudspeakers. Beside the TAV-607F is energetic and has no problem with differentiating dynamics in different music genres. You can listen to virtually any music using them...

The TAGA Harmony TAV-607F, despite its inexpensive price, can demonstrate sound attributes that reach beyond the budget price range. Their sound is being rendered in an open and direct way, which contributes to showing what is most important in music, i.e. its character and rhythm...
… thanks to high efficiency, it is friendly to most low and medium powered amplifiers. The sound will still have a properly reproduced rhythm and volume at the required level.