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HTR-1000CD v.2 is a revelation!

BEST BUY and 5 stars for our HTR-1000CD v.2 Hybrid Stereo CD-Receiver by “hificlass”

HTR-1000CD v.2 is a revelation!

The HTR-1000CD v.2, as befits a hybrid design, provides a varied, dynamic sound, rich in details, and with a nice timbre. As for a device in this price, it is hard to find any significant flaws, especially that TAGA Harmony has an extensive experience in the design and production of hybrid devices...
... the current model, thanks to higher class components used, such as ECC83 PSVANE Classic Series tubes in the preamplifier stage, offers a more sublime sound, especially if we closer listen to the sound of mid and high tones.
The ECC83 PSVANE Classic Series tubes have a significant impact on the sound of the HTR-1000CD v.2, which is shown in beautifully created treble. The sound in the upper frequency range is airy, light, slightly sweetened and warmed, despite the fact that in the final stage there are very neutral class D amps. The HTR-1000CD v.2 is an example that a well-designed tube preamplifier in the combination with a class D power amplifier can offer sound performance that is a successful mix of tube and transistor technology advantages...

A built-in CD player offers really very good sound quality and it is by no means just an unnecessary addition. It is also worth noting that not only the treble range, but also the midrange shimmered with a rich palette of colors and it was clearly audible that this range was treated  by the tubes on board in a truly royal way...
…The HTR-1000CD v.2 showed off with a saturated, vivid sound and a typical tube warmth. It is also worth noting that if we combine it with speakers offering an open presentation in the midrange, we can count on clear and suggestive vocals.

... The new TAGA Harmony stereo system sounds in a more precise and detailed way now, while offering even more tube finesse and a more dynamic message. Thanks to the good-sounding built-in CD reader, there is no need to invest in an external CD player. The advantage is the ability to transfer music via USB and wirelessly via Bluetooth. I am convinced that thanks to the modernized design, the new HTR-1000CD v.2 will be even more successful on the market than its predecessor.