TAGA Harmony

another successful amplifier from the Polish company

wstereo.pl” an on-line magazine published a rave review of our HTA-600B hybrid amplifier.

another successful amplifier from the Polish company

TAGA Harmony HTA-600B immediately charms the listener with its warm, pleasant timbre and tonal coherence of the sound. Such aspects of the sound are simply surprising for such an affordable amplifier... But it's really hard for me to remember an amplifier for plus / minus 500USD, which would reproduce the timbre in such a pleasant and natural way.

TAGA Harmony HTA-600B sounds warm in all band ranges. The trebles are slightly toned down and have a lot of weight, there is no question of attack, but they are not too much withdrawn. The midrange is really impressive - quite massive, warm, physiological, with well-expressed voices and brass. The bass is also on the same side, but it doesn't go crazy, pump too much, and it doesn't flood the rest of the sound spectrum.

It is pretty well, and in terms of the price, excellently, with the texture. You can hear quite a lot in texture of voices and instruments, on well-recorded pieces we will enjoy the correct rendering of, for example, the sound of a bow on a double bass or a harshness on a saxophone. And this is via the amplifier for less than 420USD!

TAGA Harmony HTA-600B is another successful amplifier from the Polish company.