TAGA Harmony


"hificlass" is another magazine, which recommends our hybrid amplifier!

The sound of the HTA-600B is saturated, coherent, harmonious, subtly warmed and vivid...

The treble, with the Direct mode on, many details and subtleties appeared in the music of Jan Garbarek from the album "Rites"... In general, the sound in the treble range is gentle, but at the same time sonorous, captivating with a vivid and coherent message. The treble, even in more aggressive-sounding rock songs, is not tiring even during long listening sessions...

The midrange frequency sparkles with the richness of timbre and is slightly warmed, which makes the music blush clearly...

The bass performed by the HTA-600B is a very positive surprise, especially in terms of coordination, depth and range... Listening to Mike Oldfield's instrumental pieces, there was an impression that the individual bass parts were played in an energetic and simply briskly way, and with a great dynamics.

For the price, the HTA-600B offers many features and, most importantly, a very good sound. Listening to music of various genres on this amplifier is a great pleasure.