TAGA Harmony

HTA-25B surprises the reviewers again!

The "AUDIO Video" magazine is reviewing our HTA-25B hybrid amplifier:

It turns out that the HTA-25B does not only look nice and is equipped with tubes but also sounds very pleasantly. The sound aesthetics is based on a very vivid, almost a flowery message, with nice drawing of spatial phenomena…
The treble can surprise you with its richness and lusciousness. The combination of these two "poles" has been arranged by a slightly warmed midrange. Undoubtedly, it is very pleasant to the ears…

So we will hear a wide, well-organized sound stage with a fairly stable location of virtual sound sources. And this is not an effect of some electronic "boosters", but a natural expression of the amplifier's capabilities. At this point it should be added that the space is also nicely created through the headphone output - in terms of headphone listening, of course. If you need an amplifier with a good headphone output, the HTA-25B should definitely be on your shopping list.