TAGA Harmony

TAV-807B can be described as pure bookshelf speakers...

"hificlass"  reviews our TAV-807B bookshelf speakers:

At this price, it will be difficult to find loudspeakers that reproduce the musical space with such a surgical precision.

The TAV-807B can be described as pure bookshelf speakers that offer the precise and well-controlled sound, with impetus of handling the power and motor abilities as in floorstanding designs.

The great advantage of TAV-807B is their aesthetics. Both the high-quality vinyl veneer and the fitting of all the components and the design do not leave the slightest dissatisfaction. These are loudspeakers that look much more expensive than they really are.

And the sound? It is energetic, effective and dynamic, to which TAGA Harmony has already got us used to. It is also hard to find any deficiencies in these loudspeakers, typical of such inexpensive loudspeakers. These are quite tonally well-balanced constructions, offering a tangible, big sound, being able to play clean even at higher volume levels. They are one of those loudspeakers on the market that can be said to offer great possibilities at the lowest possible price.