TAGA Harmony

Lots of expressiveness for little money

“wstereo.pl” an on-line magazine published a rave review of our TAV-807B bookshelf speakers (03-2022).

Lots of expressiveness for little money.
TAGA Harmony TAV-807B offer a very effective presentation, sometimes even slightly showy, the loudspeakers make a great impression from the beginning of listening, we have a clear “wow!” effect.

TAGA Harmony TAV-807B are very affordable loudspeakers from the group of the budget audio products. However, these medium-sized monitors are really solidly built for their price, and they are quite interesting when it comes to the sound - despite the inevitable compromises at this price, they provide a lot of listening pleasure. First of all, they sound very lively and direct, the clarity of sound is their key advantage. They are fast and dynamic, well reflect the scale of the presented music, resolution and accuracy are also their strong points. Neutral, with a fast, agile and rhythmic bass.