TAGA Harmony

PC-7000 power conditioner - recommended!

Audiokrytyk recommends our PC-7000 power line conditioner.

Getting back to the PC7000 conditioner, I can say that connecting the TAGA to a mid-class stereo system clearly showed that the difference was audible. I even took the liberty of performing blind tests and they didn't disappoint either. What difference are we talking about? Typically, conditioner tests show that the treble is improved.
In my case, I just got a different sound - softer, smoother and more vivid. Definitely less rough, with better depth and saturation. The biggest difference was the so-called background.

Turning the conditioner on and off made me realize that there was clearly something else going on in the background of the music that was playing, something not desired. The whole gave the impression of a transition from what we call a digital sound towards an analog sound. The bass was interesting - it gained a clearer texture and strength, and at the same time showed a higher level of coherence with the rest of the range. The sound sounded much clearer and fuller, which suggests that the conditioner actually allows you to get rid of unwanted interference from the energy material that hi-fi equipment converts into sound.

The sound synergy produced by the current released from the TAGA  is more than very good at this price.
The improvement in the quality is immediate, audible and obvious. If we add to this the numerous protections that the conditioner brings to the system, then with the current prices of power strips from reputable audiophile manufacturers, the choice seems to be obvious.