TAGA Harmony


AudioVideo recommends the PC-5000 power filter.

I was using the PC-5000 for several months. During that time, I tested many devices from different price levels and I had not met a single case in which the connected devices would sound worse (when properly connected to dedicated sockets, minding their limitations for the current). The TAGA power conditioner surprised me in a very positive way. I had no any objections for the built quality, and the test results turned out to be practically unequivocal.
As I expected, the most noticeable effect of the conditioner was visible in the case of devices with switched-mode power supplies. Solid filtration and galvanic separation turned out to have salutary effects for many sources.
It is worth emphasizing, that it was possible to find differences in sound - in favor of the conditioner, also for higher class components with linear power supply. The Electrocompaniet components paid back with a slightly better control, precision and dynamics.
Summarizing, I think that the PC-5000 is a very valuable device and therefore worth recommending - especially that it does not cost too much. It's really worth a try.