TAGA Harmony

DA-400 small size, big surprise

"wstereo.pl" says about our DA-400 DAC:

TAGA Harmony DA-400 is an extremely successful device. It is really surprising, what sound one can get out of this tiny DAC. It sounds in a clearly way and is capable to differentiate the recordings well. We can easily hear the differences in individual realizations. It's a mature sound without cheap boosting tricks. It surprises with how the sound is malleable and with its coherence, the resolution is sufficient. At this price, the ability to render textures and the richness of instruments is amazing. It is really a converter not only for the desktop or bedroom use, but for listening to music with pleasure. Adding to it a dedicated TAGA Harmony TWA-10B streamer, it will create a miniature digital music system that will surprise with its capabilities. And with a good digital source…. try it!