TAGA Harmony


A rave review and RECOMMENDATION for our DA-400 Digital to Analog Converter by the “Stereo i Kolorowo” magazine.

The DA-400 digital-to-analog converter provides a saturated and full sound, balanced and colorful, detailed and clear. Authentic. The DAC excellently emphasizes the neutrality and fidelity of the music; makes that it is perceived confidently, comprehensively and unambiguously. In the natural way. It is a holistic, vivid and intense sound. Very insightful, versatile and attentive.
TAGA Harmony is able to take care of both the detail and the generality - it skillfully looks into the recordings, but also provides a general (comprehensive) image of them. A full, complete and coherent image. In which nothing is missing and everything is perfectly located in its place. This is amazing!

The DAC in question carefully organizes and arranges the space , fills it with variety and a set of colors, but above all precisely locates virtual sources. It accurately focuses on and consolidates them. In addition, it meticulously unravels all sonic intricacies, supervises the tonality, contours of the instruments and their correct selectivity. It provides a structure, order and arrangement, shows the craftsmanship of individual sounds, and ensures optimal readability of the plans. The main places of sound events are the foreground and middle-field scenes, while further plans are slightly less clear. The precision of depth blurs, sometimes even merges with the background.

The DAC is quite shrill, yet rational in its sonic presentation - it's analytical and detailed without being overly empathetic or exaggerated in this area. It is far from laboratory distillation or clinical sterility. Healthy proportions are always maintained.
It is the source material that determines the character and the need for tonality - when it is required to operate with warmth or sweetness, the DA-400 has no problems with that - it warms and sweetens, makes the analog streaks of sound well perceptible, sometimes even seem to softened them. When the sound is supposed to be cold or hard, it is. The balance between accuracy, studio quality and organic sound is maintained in favorable proportions.

It could be said that the DA-400 basically has no flaws - it plays with a perfectly balanced sound, in which it is difficult to see (hear?) weaker sides. Music is presented in a stable and precise way - with a great sense of sound credibility, its excellent timbre and fullness. Good density and richness. All in all, there is nothing to complain about, nothing to criticize it for…

The advantage of TAGA Harmony DA-400 is the ease of cooperation with various digital sources. During the tests, I connected the entire arsenal of them to the DAC: various streamers (including Rose RS150, Silent Angel Munich M1, Musical Fidelity MX-Stream) and the DEL Latitude 7390 computer, but also the iPad Air 4 and the iPhone 13. While the operation with streamers and computers is obvious and a standard today, it is not with other devices such as tablets and smartphones. The DA-400 does not only play with them without any problems (no compression, jams, etc.), but also supports the MQA format! Just hook up a smartphone or tablet (with the Tidal Hi-Fi Plus activated) and the MQA signal is decoded and played by the DA-400 smoothly!

…The DA-400 offers a balanced sound with great transparency and exemplary harmony. It delivers a dynamic and complete sound, yet spacious. Saturated and detailed. The DAC particularly nicely reflects  the processed digital signal from streaming -  saturates it, makes it vivid and stabilizes it. In the general assessment of TAGA Harmony DA-400, it deserves a big recommendation, which I grant with great conviction and satisfaction!