TAGA Harmony

PC-7000 awarded by "hifi class"

Sound quality
The budget amplifier AMC XIA 50 went first for testing...

After plugging the XIA 50 into the socket supported by the filters built into the PC-7000, the sound was more tangible and gained better stereophony. This was particularly audible in Lars Danielsson's songs from the album "Libera Me" with a lot of subtle sounds in the treble range, which gained precision and dynamics. In general, the sound has become smoother and more pleasant to listen to, which allows us to make an obvious conclusion: budget amplifiers can benefit from connecting to the PC-7000.

During the test with the Cambridge Audio DVD99 DVD player connected to the excellent Heed Abacus S digital-to-analog converter, it turned out that it also makes sense that power systems divided at the signal source level are powered via the conditioner. The DVD player was plugged into a socket from the second group, and the D/A converter was connected to the socket for digital devices from the first group.

As a result, the sound improved significantly, primarily in terms of soundstage reproduction - it became clearer, especially in the second and third plane, and there was more air between the instruments. A kind of haze in the treble range also disappeared. The top of the band became more colorful in perception, but also clearer. In the case of audio signal sources, I noticed the smallest changes in terms of dynamics - one could get the impression that the bass motor skills were slightly improved, but it was on the verge of perception.