TAGA Harmony

Cool device!

wstereo.pl reviews our hybrid "all-in-one" system : HTR-1000CD v.3

…although small and inexpensive, allows you to enjoy music. It is a trouble-free device with many functions and a great potentiality. It will please those who simply want to listen to music in a simple way, from various sources, and at the same time not give up the sound quality. Because TAGA shows that it has audiophile ambitions. It sounds in a balanced way, but appropriately engaging, it does not show off with simple tricks, maintaining the culture. It plays quickly and dynamically, capturing the rhythm and energy of the recordings in the good way. It is a universal device when it comes to various genres, it can handle both sung poetry and rock. When it comes to tonality, playing CDs is neutral, slightly on the brighter side. Using wireless connectivity, we get a slightly warmer and a bit darker sound. It really handles the resolution and accuracy of the message very well, with a really nice space. Maybe the sound is a bit average in terms of richness of timbre, but at this price it's still really good. Cool device!