TAGA Harmony

Diamond B-60 v.3 - Space, liveliness, speed

"wstereo" reviews the Diamond B-60 v.3 (04-2024):

Let's start with space, because this is the showpiece of these speakers and it really makes an impression. The monitors sound free, the stage stretches great in all directions... There is a lot of space between the sounds, the air separates them from each other and gives the impression of hectares of space. It catches the ear immediately and does not leave the listener indifferent.

Let's get back to the TAGA Harmony Diamond B-60 v.3 scene. It is wide and really deep, starting slightly behind the speakers, which only enhances the impression of depth. Individual sounds are arranged quite precisely and correctly, and very stably…

It is worth noting here that the speakers perfectly show spatial differences in recordings and formats. For example, I compared Patricia Barber's album "Nigthclub". From Tidal it sounded flatter, from DSD files the music gained air, layers and depth. But it doesn't end there. Real miracles happened on recordings made with various tricks. No, this will not be about a very mediocre musical album by a former bassist and vocalist of a very famous band. But I recommend listening to, for example, Alexis Cole's album "A Kiss In The Dark" recorded using the Binaural+ technique at the Hirsch Center in New York. It makes a huge impression, as if we were actually sitting in a rehearsal room or at a concert. Echoes, reverberations, noise, the image of the room... I think a lot of this is due to the speakers I was listening to…

I mentioned tonality, so let's take a look at it. It is also positioned very neutrally, flat, without emphasizing anything.... Here everything is even, without boosting or withdrawing the bands.... everything is also very consistent and coherent for this reason. Everything fits together and blends well together…

The treble is silver in color, very resolved and accurate. This consists primarily of a quite clearly marked attack on the sound and a not overly extended decay. Of course, we hear the fade-out and disappearance of the note, but the priority is its beginning. This control over the sound certainly helps in great separation of individual sounds, separating them from each other in a very specific way.

The mids have a fairly similar character to the highs, which contributes to the consistency and homogeneity of the sound of these monitors. So we have precision and accuracy, very clear separation and sharp, strong edges of individual sounds. There are no rounding, softening or blurring of contours. So this is a sound for those who like analytical, searching for musical details. There is less exuberance, warmth, emphasis and long sound tails in this playing…

The bass in the new TAGA is agile, fast, and one might even say rakish. Low sounds are more about their rhythm, attack and contour than about filling them with tissue as much as possible. That's why the loudspeakers run to the rhythm of the bass performances, without slowing down anything, but giving the music a lot of verve and such joyful freshness.

In this group of speakers they have no reason to be ashamed. And finally, the most important thing: price. In my opinion, the price is – if not sensationally low – then certainly very, very attractive. And lower than previous versions of this model!