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"AudioVideo" reviews our Diamond B-60 v.3 bookshelf speakers.

The brand's sound features certainly include precision, which in the DIAMOND is at a high level...
The speakers are quite fast and provide a good range of volume levels especially for bookshelf speakers at this price...
Interestingly, in the editor-in-chief's system, the Diamonds' bass was quite massive and well extended. In his opinion, the low tones should be added to the list of advantages of these loudspeakers - they should be described as "satisfyingly powerful and well extended".
I would also add the stereophony to the list of advantages. The Diamonds do a good job of comprehensively reproducing spatial effects, generating a sufficiently large and precise stereo image.

DIAMOND B-60 v.3 speakers are distinguished by their elegance and solidity typical of much more expensive monitors.