TAGA Harmony

Arek Ogrodnik in TAGA Harmony team

We have started a cooperation with Arek Ogrodnik who is a professional tester and reviewer of the audio equipment and designs and modifies the sound of loudspeakers.
Our cooperation will provide even better sound experience for all music lovers!

Arek Ogrodnik and our brand share the passion and love for the best sound.  Our mutual goal is to build loudspeakers with uncompromising sound and the best performance. Arek, a recognized and respected designer and audio equipment reviewer, based on his vast knowledge, experience and sense of the sound, will be involved in designing our loudspeakers, to allow achieving even better sound quality and to reinforce the brand's position as one of the leaders in manufacturing of audio devices with excellent price-performance ratio! We are proud to have Arek Ogrodnik as part of our design team.  - Przemek Kokocinski, a brand co-founder

I am honored starting cooperation with the Polish TAGA Harmony brand and the people behind it who are full of passion, positive energy and commitment. Undoubtedly it is an interesting and most of all a promising project.  - Arek Ogrodnik