DA-300 v.3 DAC Highly Recommended

Good digital sound doesn’t have to cost a fortune and if you want to implement it in your system, whether to improve the sound of an older cd player or incorporate music from a laptop or satellite receiver the TAGA DA300v.3 is a brilliant way of dipping your toes into the digital arena. Digital has certainly driven the audio market along since its inception with analogue hanging in there for good measure.

Budget audio just gets better and better so there is no excuse for newcomers to join the club when products from companies such as TAGA Harmony make the entry fee very attractive and affordable.

Build Quality: Excellent.
Sound Quality: Very clean and clear sound which doesn’t disappoint
Value For Money: Excellent compared to its competitors of which there are many.
Pros: For enthusiasts on a tight budget a great sounding DAC.
Cons: Very little. I nit-picked about its presentation but for the money you can’t complain.