HTA-800 - "Hybrid all-rounder" RECOMMENDED

A great review, RECOMMENDATION and 5 stars for TAGA Harmony HTA-800 hybrid amplifier “Audio Video” 

The amplifier is characterized by a smooth and tempting sound with a high dose of elegant manners.
I judge the message as very aesthetic and finely worked out in terms of timbre. The frequency response is almost perfectly aligned...

The stereo effect gives a good insight into the structure of the recording. The soundstage is nicely stretched to the sides, with good depth…

Listening to headphones is one of the stronger points of this amplifier. Although it is a typical integrated amp with an added "hole for earbuds", the quality of sound can embarrass some of the specialized, affordable headphone amplifiers.
What surprises is the great spatiality of the message and the nice timbre - this is why  big “bravo” to the designers…

The HTA-800 is a very successful design with high functionality and refined sound. I consider the offered price of the amplifier as more than attractive. Of course you can always ask the question "who will give even more and better at this price." Just what for, if it is already very good anyway?