"AUDIO Video" recommends  our TTP-300.

During the test the TTP-300 distinguished itself not only by a very affordable price but also by its very mature sound characteristics of high quality. It is not excessively analytical nor it operates with "turbocharging" turned on. It plays smoothly, elegantly, clearly showing graduation of the dynamics and volume levels. It is not as empathetic and excessively warm as Musical Fidelity and it does not try to force keeping a cool detachment to the material being played, in the way as Thorens does it. Therefore, it proposes a completely different sound aesthetics, which in a simplified way could be called a substitute for what can be found in very expensive strictly high-end constructions.

Surprising is how silently it works. With a solidly grounded turntable you can hardly hear any noise, hiss or rumble (even the residual noise) which speaks well of the manufacturer's declaration.

We have a very good insight of the sound stage with above-average precision and stability of individual sound sources.

The TTP-300 is an excellent phono preamplifier in its class. People who are not guided by the price, but the quality of sound and construction will appreciate it.
The price can be considered as a bargain.