“HIFI4ALL.DK” a Danish on-line magazine published a rave review of our TTA-1000 tube amplifier!

"But the very best is the sense of presence which at times is almost frighteningly realistic when the recordings support it. And it is especially here that the feeling of the "organic" sound comes into being. At the same time, the dynamics is surprisingly quick ... not that it is impossible with a tube amplifier, but it is rare that it is experienced as good as here, especially the price taken into consideration.

Had Taga TTA-1000 been 3-4 times more expensive, then I would have expected such a degree of dynamics and naturalness... but not at all at this price. And if you compare directly with the reference amplifier set in the listening room, it is actually only on the precision of the music that the TTA-1000 is in the shadow of the 4 times more expensive amplifier set ... the music is paramount here!"