Ruthless power and tube charm

"HiFi Choice" magazine says about the HTA-2500B :

"The middle part of midrange frequencies has particular contribution to the sound of the HTA-2500B - for me it reflects the perfection among amplifiers in the comparable price range
The HTA-2500B midrange frequencies impress with full, saturated timbre, flexibility and above all phenomenal air and clarity… Because of double small-power triodes used in the preamp stage, a subtle warmth and sweetness sneaks into the sound, what makes that the violin, piano, accordion and, above all, wind instruments are presented with sparkle and full sound texture…

Taga Harmony sound is not only characterized by beautiful mid-frequency tones but most of all by a muscular, powerful and deeply extended and fast bass.  We would say that this amplifier’s lower bass is being boosted in the Direct mode. It feels as if an extra low frequency unit is added to our system. However without any negative factors which could have been present when an active subwoofer is not ideally matched with the rest of the system.

The low frequencies presented by the HTA-2500B are dense, powerful with extraordinary punching force and incredible extension, at the same time flexible, ideally matching itself in the timbre presented in the middle and upper part of the frequency range.
The bass is consistent, massive and under control… 
The double bass accompanying Patricia Barber had big load of sound tones especially in handling the dynamics without even the slightest trace of compression. The bass was reaching low registries with an ease thanks to the current-efficient output power amps and respectable power reserve which could be felt in almost every moment.

The range of high frequencies has typical tube-like character and is subtly sweetened without any excessive attack – despite that I had no even slightest problems with catching the most delicate details out of the music."