THDA-500T v.2 tested

"Stereo i Kolorowo" magazine about our amplifier:

Tested with the following headphones:
HiFiMAN HE5se, Fostex TH-610, Mr.Speakers Aeon Flow Closed, Meze 99 Neo, Pioneer HDJ-X10

Listening impressions
“The newest Taga Harmony amp offers a rich (almost euphonic) sound with exemplary transparency and rich tonal substance. There is a lot of mass and weight of sound in here. Listening to each music genre on the connected headphones brings satisfaction and gladness (for me all five test pairs played in a surprisingly equal and rich way on the THDA-500T v.2)...

What is important, the entire sound is precise and harmonious, accurately and on-time arranged in space. Similarly to its predecessor the amplifier has an advanced ability to emphasize the contours of sounds, complement their interior and tonal weight. This results in a strong and energetic message and at the same time direct and tangible. Goes towards elegance and correctness. Perfect smoothness and sophistication which is nice for the ears…

I want to point out that compared to the previous version there is more noticeable style of sound, deeper tonal commitment as well as palpability of instruments…
The sound is more juicy, smoother and more dynamic. There is no sound compression and instead it is more open. And also cleaner and with higher resolution (in absolute terms). As if more strongly expressed and more present…”

"…is equipped with superb components, is well designed and built and most importantly - sounds phenomenally!”