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Platinum F-100 v.3 - rave review in Italy!

Italian “AudioGallery” magazine published a rave review of our Platinum F-100 v.3 floorstanding loudspeakers.

They present themselves as speakers of an amazing quality / price ratio

“…The result seems definitely good because our Taga not only reproduce the fullness and substance of the music and the song in a very good way, but they are doing it with attention for timbre and excellent dynamics, which seems to exalt itself on the great musical peaks but which turns out to be also attentive to the reproduction of small variations in the sound pressure. The human voices also appear realistic, both those of the soloists, from the soprano to the bass, and those of the choirs: they all have thickness, body, brightness and breath. And above all they do not blend together, but remain intelligible and carefully placed on the virtual stage. 
In addition to the generous low frequencies the medium range is also striking, sometimes a bit oversized but always smooth and articulate, high and airy and never becoming intrusive…
We have confirmed this by listening to Bach compositions performed by Herbert Tazechi at the organ of the Court Church of Dresden. The sound is distinctly suggestive with the clear bass and wide and rich echoes in the middle of the high diffusion as it usually happens with church acoustics… We often forget about being in front of the speakers for 1480 Euros per pair because their sound does not present any of the disadvantages that are usually assigned with cost-effectiveness of a project such as poor coherence, high compression, slowness, expansion and excessive colorization, blowing and various distortions. The Taga F-100s are not even limited to the extremes of the audio band nor the dynamics... 
It is a pleasant and relaxing listening, with full and generous musical reproduction that can be enjoyed with pleasure both at low and high volumes because these speakers do not lose their clarity even at very low sound levels and are never annoying at high. The most important thing is that they can make you hear also the lightest sonic difference of the amp that drives them. For us it is a big sign of built quality!!!

“At the end of the test it is very easy to draw conclusions because the Taga Platinum F-100 v.3 loudspeakers are presented as equipment with an amazing quality / price ratio: they are beautiful, well-built and in addition they also sound good. They are easy to drive thanks to their efficiency that enables them to sound even in rather large environments. They are at ease with every kind of music thanks to an extended low range and more than good coherence. They are also large in the middle range and adequately completed and airy in the high range.  In short they have a complete sound and are characterized by excellent dynamics and correct timbre…
It is a product for audiophiles who love music and are used to listening to it for a long time. They know how to be spectacular and also how to keep company with a pleasant background. All that at a price for mini-speakers.
 If you want to change the speakers of your system and your wall is not fully packed don't miss the opportunity to give a listen to these Taga speakers.”