TAGA Harmony


Great review, EDITORS' CHOICE AWARD and 5 stars for TAGA Harmony TTA-500 vacuum tube amplifier in “AUDIO Video” (04-2019).

We are getting a very warm timbre and a massive, saturated sound, but also something more. Namely a charm which is not only engaging our ears but also provoking us to more intense exploitation of music resources. 
After checking the capabilities of the amplifier with our reference material - well-arranged recordings which are usually used for this purpose by reviewers – we started to load a CD player with albums containing music from the 80s. One after another. This was accompanied by very positive emotions. The music drew us in and at the same time brought a lot of joy. It is a pity that in times when these recordings were made such a good amplifier was not available and nobody even thought about it at the time. TAGA is incredibly musical and simply a great joy ...

[pentode / triode] They offer slightly different sound qualities. In the first one we have a much more airy and more powerful sound with slightly better control of elements in the lows while in the second one the sound becomes more vivid and besides more moody. The bass becomes slightly loose and, interestingly, the smooth edges partially disappear. Generally the low tones are characterized by good impact force and clear reproduction. Nevertheless they have a decidedly massive and ample nature.

The midrange catches our attention. Not only that the mids are generally free of deficiencies but they also highly engage us in the listening. It is in this area that the most contrasts and nuances are displayed. However they are given in a very smooth and gentle way. That is why very long listening sessions are so pleasant that sometimes it is difficult to get the device turned off, even when it is absolutely necessary. The culmination of the whole are sopranos. I would describe the sound in this part of the frequency band as rich, well-brightened and sweet...

But the TTA-500 is not only characterized by a sweet and massive tone of sound but also by a proper reproduction of the music scene. Both the width and the panorama are built correctly with a clear set of plans. However, this is not done to show-off. Everything is planned and accurate. The dynamics also gets similar results…

If someone claims that for this money and perhaps twice as much will find a better tube amplifier based on classic tubes is sorely mistaken. It is not possible. Even more -  in the real world the TTA-500 sets a benchmark for designs based on the Williamson concept. Of course you can find more expensive applications of this solution. The only question is whether they are really better? In my opinion - not necessarily. A fully deserved recommendation!