VERY GOOD (TOP CLASS) Powerful Elegance”

A rave review of our complete 5.1 channel system based on the Platinum v.3 speakers: F-100 v.3, S-100 v.3, C-100 v.3 and Platinum SW-10 v.3 subwoofer by Mr. Michael Voigt – a chief editor of the German “HiFi Test” (04-2019). 

Labolatory and practice
During unpacking the Taga speakers the good workmanship of the Platinum v.3 series is convincing. The vinyl surfaces imitating wood make a very good impression as well as massive feet, the connection terminals which are of good quality and the drivers flush fitting in the front of the cabinets is immaculate.
In the acoustic laboratory the floorstanding F-100 v.3 speakers astonish with their considerable depth because noticeable level changes can be recognized even at 33Hz. Speaking of the level: the efficiency of the new Platinum series is amazingly high, the Taga generates a wide frequency range well over 90 dB at one watt of power (measurement at 1 meter). The sound dispersion of the F-100 v.3 is exemplary off the axis…

The new Taga series plays impressively in the listening test in our acoustically rather cushioned cinema room. In fact, the metrologically slightly over-emphasized center reproduction becomes a crystal clear, very dynamic and thrilling overall sound impression. The timbre of the set is matched perfectly together and creates a harmonious stage from which the dialogues emerge clearly understandable.
The background of the gently surrounding sound is also attributed to the perfect cinema performance of the dipole S-100 v.3 speakers. Especially in action scenes the Platinum v.3 set shows its strengths and delivers almost limitless dynamics and low-frequency impulses which you can physically feel - that's what makes home cinema fun.

The current 3rd edition of the proven Platinum series is also a real hit. The lovers of high levels and boundless dynamics, in particular, will enjoy the power of the Platinum v.3 set. The models of the revised series are dazzlingly good looking, well made and shine with their elegant, rounded shapes.
The F-100 v.3 tower speakers with their amazingly deep and precise bass reproduction are also very real in our home theater set. Recommendation for the demanding hi-fi playback.